October 2009 News from NHADA

Rumors…..We are a creative crowd in the antiques business, and no where does it emerge with more originality than in the rumor department. The NHADA Board came up with a completely original idea during last winter: to give our loyal and amazing exhibitors something that had never (that we know of) been given before – a booth rent balance reduction, of $200. We are a non-profit association. We are not in show business to make money for NHADA, but to give dealers a platform for selling quality goods. In years past, we have found ourselves in the “red” and who stepped up and took booth rent increases and ads in our program ? You guessed it. The good, old exhibitors of the NHADA Show. So, with a complete shake-up of the business end of the association, we find ourselves functioning well, and in the “black”. We batted this idea around the board table for many, long hours. It was a tough decision. We rehearsed every possible negative scenario until we thought we had it tied up in a neat package, We would give each dealer a $200. gift by way of a reduction on his/her booth balance. We were really excited by the idea of the possitive, surprise reactions, and they came, believe me.

BUT…..not more than a week passed after the show and I got a phone call about a rumor circulating that “…the NHADA Show had been such a failure, that they were compelled to refund money to exhibitors….!” Now, folks, this would be hysterically funny if it didn’t make a serious attempt to spoil what was meant to be a truly happy surprise for our wonderful 2009 dealers at the show. We categorically squash this rumor !! NHADA has seen a period of solid growth in the past few years, due to the hard work of a superb Board of Directors and a stellar Show Committee. We are in the most serious slump to hit our business in memory, and we wanted to say “Bravo” to a truly exceptional group of show dealers. An organization doesn’t give money away when it is in trouble. Take it from me: Creataive rumor-mongers have hit a brick wall with this one. I suggest they go back to the rumor mill with some new ideas.

About the show: Steve Corrigan sums it up: “NHADA really pulled the rabbit out of the hat this time.”

My personal favorite booth in the show: Howard Oedel’s sweet little spot which I am calling “Howie’s Cupboard”. With the support of his neighbor, Amy Finkel, our 52 year show veteran created a tiny treasure, filled with the things his loyal customers look for every August. We love you, Howie!

We move forward into our new venue at Canterbury, NH, with the 70 exhibitors you want to see. Sunday, September 27. Call Nan Gurley for any details. This has a great cast in the most beautiful venue possible. Guests may tour the Shaker Village as part of admission price ( only $10.) and the Villages chefs will be preparing good, good food. We all have our hearts in this show, and hope you will join us.

New members: Nancy and Barry Yodis of Quakerstown, PA. A warm welcome to them.