September 2009 News from NHADA

This column is dedicated to the many, many giving dealers who make the NHADA Show possible. In case you have ever wondered how this massive volunteer effort culminates in the outstanding show in Manchester each August, the secret is dedicated people. Tom Thompson and Bev Longacre are at the helm, each dealing with huge responsibilities ranging from contracts, exhibitor liaisons, floor design and planning, hotel interaction, and so many other things that the list would never end. Sharon Platt has the enormous responsibitity of advertising and publicity. She plans and places all the print material you see relating to the show. Cheryl and Paul Scott manage parking, police, fire and keep it all peaceful and lawful. (This year Tommy has pitched in while Cheryl keeps Paul comfortable while he recovers from his terrible fall.) Mary Steenburgh — with help from Josh –took over the responsibility of the Show Section. Our secretary, Melissa Alden, is our muti–tasker, She helps Robin Pike with hospitality, but is on call for lots of other things. Former President Linda Tate arranges for the gorgeous flower arrangements and is responsible for the great dealer set–up lunch. Kate Alex puts up the signs in the hotel, and, with Bob Withington, sees that the iron urns (filled with flowers) are in place at the front of the show. Jim Hohnwald manages the media and Dennis Berard assists and handles other show materials. Tom Longacre is our “front” man, handling tv interviews like the pro that he is. Other board members, who have had tremendous responsibilities in the past, like Gail and Don Piatt, and, again, Linda and Mike Tate, are always there for needed support and advice. Peter Austin does the money part, along with Don. The NHADA hospitality table is managed by members who are not exhibitors. You can’t get better than that.

Thank you, Peter Sawyer, and Richard Thorner, for always taking my calls, and calmly navigating through minor quagmires.

How is it accomplished? With unselfish determination, by a group of independent business owners who give time, effort, good cheer and love to a show they treasure. This is New Hampshire — old fashioned in all the good ways, and yet, on the cutting edge of the anti ques business in the 21st century. The secret is no secret. It is unstinting dedication, and that brings magic results.

This is my thank-you note to a wonderful group of dealers, now my friends. It is an honor to be in your midst.

And now, on to Canterbury in Septermber!

Kathy Schoemer
Acworth, NH