Privacy Policy

  1. The New Hampshire Antiques Dealers Association (“NHADA”) is a not-for-profit organization mainly consisting of those who deal in antiques.  It may be contacted at  
  2. NHADA’s website may be accessed by clicking this link:
  3. NHADA has agreed to follow all applicable laws, policies and regulations relating to the collection of information from users of its website as well as users of the site connected with its virtual shows.
  4. NHADA takes all of a user’s personal data and privacy very seriously.
  5. NHADA does not collect personal information, so we do not share personal information with third parties.
  6. NHADA does use Google Analytics, and Google collects data on those who visit the website or virtual show site, on how the website or virtual show site is used, on what is popular with visitors on the website or virtual show site and on whether visitors return to the website or virtual show site.
  7. The following is a link to Google’s own Privacy Policy which contains its information on how it uses cookies to process and collect data: