January 2010 News from NHADA

We lost Ted Hayward early in the morning on Christmas Eve.

Ted and Carole have been devoted members, and have tirelessly worked for the good of the NHADA. This loss affects us deeply. Ted was a most passionate connoisseur of American country antiques. A good carving, painted box or any rare example of early “paint” could bring an instant glint to his eye, and he simply couldn’t resist. If it attained his standard of excellence, he bought it. Simple as that. The Haywards have developed a dedicated cadre of dealers and collectors who have joyfully shared their unique taste, and the news of Ted’s passing has affected them deeply. The passion for antiques is much more than buying and selling. There is a common bond, almost spiritual in nature, that brings these people together, and that bond forges deep friendships. The Yankee Smuggler, the Hayward’s business, has been at the forefront of American country for decades. The standards they have set will have a lasting resonance in our business. Farewell, Ted. We send Carole our love and support. The celebration service for Ted will be held on Saturday, January 23, 2010, at 1 PM at thae Monadnock Covenant Church, Base Hill Road, Keene, NH.

We are putting together plans for the 2010 NHADA Show, the 53rd New Hampshire Antiques Show, same time – August 12, 13 and 14, 2010 – same place – Radisson Hotel, Manchester, NH. This year expect more in the way of fresh, affordable finds, and fresh, young faces to add to the mix. Three new exhibitors will be joining us: Jason Hackler, who with his dad, Sam, owns the NH Antique Co-op in Milford, NH; Bill Kelly, Limington, ME; and Jeff and Holly Noorsdsy, Cornwall, VT. I figure most of these dealers are younger than my children, and that is a good sign for our business. Energy, enthusiasm and hard work! These people will bring a real breath of fresh air to the mix, and we welcome them. We hear alot about big prices and big names at the show. The show is multi-faceted and there are great sources among us – the people who dig up the market’s new stuff and are out there all the time. The NH Antiques Show has been providing excitement for its long life. Every level of our business is represented. Don’t be fooled by the “talk” : you can buy well at the NHADA Show. And …you will find the top of the line as well.

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The snow outside is falling fast and piling up as I write. It’s beautiful, and the road crews up here are the best anywhere. We are not daunted by snow, and we all welcome you to visit.

Stay warm.

Kathy Schoemer Acworth, NH