March 2009 News from NHADA

I guess the time is here for creative selling ideas. My computer is buzzing with tasty content lines from dealers who are making use of this marvelous technology. They are offering special previews, goodies, fantastic sales, etc…. It is a miracle to be able to stay at home as the heaps and heaps of snow pile up and dream up tempting selling techniques. I am a dinosaur. I still love that personal interaction with customers. My ads yield really wonderful phone calls from people who are happy to engage in good old chat. A gentleman with a marvelous sense of humor from RI (doesn’t use the computer), a woman my age from Canada who recognized my town name and has had business dealings with our truly talented local dollmaker, Gail Wilson, my neighbor here in Acworth. This kind lady does her own driveway shovelling up north and steered me toward the “snow scoop” shovel. Claims she can clear her driveway alone in no time. She is a needleworker and has admired my logo for years. Who would know? I have met so many pals in the 35+ years I have been advertising in the paper you are now reading. As I add on the years myself, I am more and more aware of the joy of connecting with kindred spirits out there in this great country.

We are just about to print the 2009 NHADA Directory (it’s now February 1), and it is stunning. Lisa Freeman of Ipswich, MA, has been the source of all our new stuff, and wait until you see the new Directory. Beautiful. It will soon be in your mailboxes. Also, check out Lisa has given us a whole new look – simple, organized and great to browse.

Nan Gurley is revving up and in her inimitable way, hand-addressing the contracts for the September 27, 2009 Canterbury Show at Canterbury Shaker Village, very near Concord here in NH. This just speaks to Nan’s unique spirit. She has lovely handwriting, and when you get correspondence from her, you feel she has really thought about you when she’s sent it. Another dinosaur, and thank goodness! Remember, NHADA members only. A spanking new show in a truly historic and breathtakingly beautiful venue at a lovely time of year, when the “leaf- peepers” outnumber the full- time residents of our state. Get those contracts back quickly as space is limited and you will want to be a part of this adventure.

There are shows and auctions to keep us busy through these winter days. There is a relaxed atmosphere at Nan’s Portsmouth shows and Trish McElroy’s new Concord shows.

It’s fun to see everyone and catch up. New stuff is popping up too. I’ve heard of several Concord discoveries making it to NYC in January sporting fancy pricetags. Keep warm. Find a treasure.

Kathy Schoemer
Acworth, NH