February 2009 News from NHADA

Now your friends in NH are really hunkering down for the winter. Once again we made the national news with more power outages in December than ever berfore, with crews from all over the country here to help. One encounters them everywhere as the state struggles to get back to normal, and they don’t seem at all surprised when we open the car window to give them a big “thank you.” When one has been out of power for a week or more, those big, bundled men and women working on the power lines are heroes. We also had the glorious snow in mid-December, just in time for Christmas. The window here at my computer shows heaps and heaps of gorgeous, fluffy snow. Happy Wintertide.

Your Board is also busy putting our data base together on our beautiful website (thank you, Melissa and Lisa). It has been a daunting year what with many, many changes, and we are very proud of the progress. The 2009 show is also taking shape, and the addition of some great talent will add immeasurably to the impact. Liz Robinson (Acorn Antiques) has retired and Tom Seaver has decided to hang up his hat, and their familiar faces will be missed. Happy Trails! New faces include: Joan Brownstein of Newbury, MA; F. Russack Books, Danville, NH; John Gould, Yorktown Heights, NY; and A.E. Runge, Yarmouth, ME.

Welcome new members: Paul Antos/Joanne Deschene of Bedlam Manor Antiques, and Mary Perry, Salisbury Heights, both from Salisbury, NH; James Mattozzi, Grotin, MA; and Douglas Wyant, Cassapolis, MI.

Member Mary deBuhr of Downers Grove, IL, writes that her new/early cabin (moved from OH to her property in IL) has been opened as her shop. This info came in a Christmas card sporting a beautiful photo of the cabin and, like everything Mary does, it looks totally wonderful. Her great taste in early, early American antiques will be completely at home in this extraordinary setting. Best wishes on the new venture.

Before we know it March 1 will be here and Nan Gurley will be sending out contacts for the new Canterbury, NH, Shaker Village Antiques Show, to be held on September 27. If you would like a contract, please make sure your NHADA membership is in place. Email or call Peter Sawyer, our Membership Chairman. We are deeply committed to this new show, and delighted to be working with Nan. Board member Ken Pike of Nashua is working closely with Nan, and so he can answer questions as well.rrpcc101@att.net or 603.882.3367.

Ken Pike joins Rich Bojko of Parker-French as new additions to the 2009 Board of Directors. We welcome them to the fold.

A very, very sad note on the death of our own Sally Whittemore of Washington, IL. She and Mike have been a vital presence at the NHADA show in August, and we were so happy to have her with us in 2008. Sally fought a valiant battle with cancer, always managing to look beautiful, and always with a ready smile. Her taste was the definition of American rural and she won’t be forgotten by any of us who knew her.

These quiet months of cold are a perfect time for indoor pleasures and projects. Soon the seed catalogues will be arriving, so make use of the break in outdoor chores (other than shovelling, of course) to do the things we just don’t want to do when the warmth returns. And…take a trip to NH where the hearts and hearths are always warm.

Kathy Schoemer
Acworth, NH