April 2009 News from NHADA

Why join? This is one of the recurrent themes I run into as I navigate the position I hold at the NHADA. I think it’s time to address it, in light of the new direction of our country and the scary economic news. We try to articulate all the reasons for membership in NHADA by defining the benefits to our roster, and there are many. Trying to appeal to the “what’s in it for me?” concept. How about answering it from another perspective? It’s just plain good business. It’s a positive thing to be a member of a completely non-profit organization, run almost entirely by volunteers (we are about to hire an assistant to handle some of the administrative stuff), whose sole purpose is the proper representation of a unique business. All of us are independent business owners, in the unusual situation of buying and selling precious goods, lots of times from and to each other. I always am humbled by the fact that my competitors number among my best friends. What would we do without one another? And NHADA binds us together in many, many ways. I had heard lots of “talk” about NHADA before I became seriously involved, and I’d like to tell you all something. This is an amazing group, dedicated to the goal of bettering the antiques business in our own state, and all over the country. Every member counts. We need our members to promote the energy of the business. We have a kinship, and we truly seek to enlarge that base with good, active dealers. Join for yourself ! We love having you, and we are a strong voice in the antiques trade. “Ask not what your country can do for you…….” We are facing a tough year fraught with challenges and the more we stick together, the better off we’ll be. I invite you to call (or email) me or any other board members to discuss joining us. Pertinent numbers and email addresses are on website. And, thanks for listening.

We are headlong into pre-spring here in the hills of Acworth. It takes longer to arrive here, but, when it hits, it is a wonder. To all dealers and collectors, this means the outdoor venues like Brimfield, and the unwrapping of fresh goods found over the winter. Nan Gurley and Trish McElroy have kept us in touch during the ice and snow, and a big “thank you” to them. Canterbury contracts are on their way (or have arrived) as you read this. All NHADA members are invited on a first-come, first-served basis. We are all very excited about this show in truly one of the most beautiful and meaningful spots in our state.

Member Pat Hatch’s incredible black folk doll collection is moving all around the country. They are slated to be at the California Country Antique and Folk Art Show in Costa Mesa, CA, March 21-22. Promoter of that show is Tom Baker; and at the Wenham Museum in MA this year too. This show is so tender and yet so strong in its message that it shouldn’t be missed. The catalogue “No Longer Hidden” is a treasure and is still available. The photos are absolutely stunning. Pat can be reached at : 978/456-8729; hedrick-hatch@rcn.com.

Member Donna Welch is doing a terrific job of promoting antiques in NH. Her group shop is FROM OUT OF THE WOODS in Goffstown.N.H. Her ads are intriguing and she tells me that that she has a “….passion for what I do and believe that change is important, and keeping shops free of reproductions, newer items, crafts etc. is all part of a successful business.” She offers classes and creative, seasonal exhibits, along with cutting edge ideas to get the juices flowing. Alumni include new dealers and shopkeepers. In May 2009 she is starting a new project: “Infusion NH” which will offer a new slant on blending antiques and collectibles into interior designing. This is the kind of energy which intrigues young collectors. Good work, Donna. 603.624.8668 or footwdw@aol.com.

We hope you have received and are pleased with the 2009 Directory. Thanks to the hard work of many, orchestrated by Lisa Freeman, of L. Freeman Marketing, Ipswich, MA, it sports a whole new look. If you would like more, please email Bev Longacre or Melissa Alden..

Longer days, warmer air, birdsong, sprouting bulbs…It’s been a long winter. Enjoy the spring changes, and happy trails.

Kathy Schoemer
Acworth, NH