May 2010 News from NHADA

Now the days are lengthening, and we feel spring coming. I wish I could bottle this experience and send it along with your paper. Nearly everyone associates NH with cold and snow (translated by me: warm hearths and simmering stews), and so the first March we lived up here, we were totally blindsided by the gentle transformation of our villages, hills, fields and mountains from the winter browns and whites, to the astounding rainbow colors of spring in the north. It’s not just the greening; it’s the soft palette of violet, yellow, soft red, greys, etc. The light is different and there is almost a blurring of reality. Our Acworth Postmaster calls it “Brigadoon”.

Dealers are finally washing winter off thier vans, giving the inside a sweep, and gearing up for Brimfield, the journey to our mecca each year. That week kicks off the spring season, and the arrival of the outdoor venues. Grab your muck boots and rain gear, and head to New England, where it all began!

I am home recovering from a rather nasty surgery on my hand, and so my first antiques outing won’t be til late in May. But I know that the past winter yielded lots of stuff for many of us,and you don’t want to miss the spring venues.

NHADA has been advised that the Lincoln-Woodstock Chamber of Commerce (NH) is hosting its annual OLDE NEW ENGLAND DAY, on Saturday, June 26, and inviting antiques dealers to participate. This sounds like good, old NH fun: booths are 10′ x 10′ and cost $25.00. Their website is; email is and phone contact is: 603.745.6621. I have always wanted to try one of these yankee events. Bet the food is awesome.

Happy Trails. Visit good, old NH.

Kathy Schoemer Acworth, NH