June 2010 News from NHADA

Eno and I had a very special Easter day this year. With family scattered all over the USA, we celebrated with Melissa Alden (NHADA Secretary) and her husband, Jack Kane, who drove over from the seacoast to the Monadnock region. We met at the Hancock Inn, in Hancock, NH, the oldest inn in the state. Hancock is one of our most beautiful old villages – early houses and public buildings with the inn at its center. Before we moved up here 10 years ago, I spent some very happy times at the inn during buying trips. Now it’s a short drive from Acworth, but we recommend it as a destination for anyone looking for the quintessential “old inn” experience. In operation since 1789, the Hancock Inn continues to provide food, lodging and hospitality to weary travellers 7 days a week. There are 14 bright, warm and cozy rooms, one of which is famous for the Rufus Porter murals covering the walls. That particular room has a very private setting on the back corner of the building, with a sitting room and bath. What a place for a 21st century getaway – all the amenities of the present, while surrounded by the wall paintings of America’s most celebrated 19th century muralist! Anyway, we had a lovely meal on Easter Sunday with good friends, and genuine hospitality provided by innkeepers, Nancy Boyce and Robert Short. The Hancock Inn, Hancock, NH. 603.525.3318, www.hancockinn.com.

Recently, I had a wonderful conversation with Dave Krashes, the inspiration behind the campaign called “Every Collector Add A Collector.” This man has a deep commitment: solving the major challenge in our business, which is inspiring new collectors to the ranks. He believes that “word of mouth” is one of the keys to attracting a new corps of antiquers, and NHADA is throwing its wholehearted support behind Dave and the others who are leading the way. I have stood on the same soapbox many times in this column. Our passion is the driving force behind bringing new and young colectors to the glorious world of antiques. Talk about it !! We are the greatest talkers in the world, and we desperately need new blood to share this passion, and pass it on. Please join, Dave Krashes (our fearless, undaunted leader), Karen DiSaia, Ron Bourgeault, Steve Fletcher, John Keith Russell, Scudder Smith, Rick Russack, and now, NHADA, in the crusade of the early 21st century: Every Collector Add A Collector. Look for the ad every month in MAD for more info, and, please, talk about collecting.

I have added a totally fractured ankle to my orthopedic woes.

Eno is cooking and dragging me around, answering the phone, caring for dogs and cats, and every other chore there is, to his already huge list here at home. All it took was a misstep out of the car in Concord, and back we went to surgery, etc. I am watching early spring from the window this year – and loving being surrounded by my dear objects.

Nan Gurley reports that she has sent out contracts for the 2nd Annual Canterbury Antique Show & Sale on Sunday, September 26th, to the NHADA members who rallied for our debut show last year. We will not be offering outdoor spaces this year. However, we have added another tent which gives us room for 14 additional exhibitors. So any NHADA member interested in being with us at Canterbury this year should call Nan Gurley (207) 625-3577 ASAP. She will send contacts as requested, on a first-come, first-served basis until the show is full: 88 exhibitors.

We will miss the wonderful Janet Scranton, who died recently, and send love and support to Lew. She remained active and valiant til the end. Over the winter she helped Trish McElroy at the ticket table at the Concord Show.

Plans for the August NADA Show are at a fever pitch. Great finds are right now being stashed to be unveiled at the show. Please join us at the Radisson Center-of-NH in Manchester for the excitement: August 12, 13 and 14, 2010.

Bye for now, and … watch your step. Broken ankles are bad!

Kathy Schoemer Acworth, NH