July 2009 News from NHADA

Canterbury Shaker Village, Canterbury, NH. September 27, 2009. NHADA is introducing the sequel to Blue Ribbon at one of our states most beautiful venues. The admission price will admit show attendees to both the show and the Shaker compound. We are very high on this event and want to assemble a star-studded cast of dealers. You can see who is signed up so far by going to the Canterbury site at nhada.org and we hope you will join us. Yes, we all know about the sputtering economy, but one thing is certain: Nothing happens when we stay home. These wonderful short and action-packed one day shows are the answer to the current state of affairs. Something always happens. Buying, selling, seeing friends and customers. I have never had a totally uneventful outing at an event like Canterbury. Nan’s May Sturbridge was hopping. We had a great day, and Nan is going all out to make Canterbury an exciting debut show. Come on, folks. You asked for a great show open to the whole membership, and here it is. Be there ! When you see this gorgeous location, you will be so happy to be on board.

Our very special Paul Scott continues to mend after his accidental injury. If you want to send a message, Paul reads them all, and takes great comfort from them, as does Cheryl.
Their email address is: riverbendfarm@tds.net They promise to be at the 52nd NHADA Show in August.

We are happy to welcome Sheila Robbins of Framingham, MA, and Sandy Hart, Hart’s Country Antiques, New Oxford, PA, to NHADA membership. They will bring more great country antiques to our fold.

We have had an extraordinarily beautiful and extended spring here in NH. I wish I could have a “scratch and sniff” patch included here to bring you all the fragrance of this year’s lilacs. The very old bushes at home are bursting with bloom, like giant bouquets. Granite Staters are devoted gardeners. There are lots of local plantsmen, garden tours and plant swaps. We spend alot of time tending wood fires all winter, so when a hint of spring hits, we are all outdoors, even if the thermometers are still at 35 degrees. June will bring the lupines and peonies, and then daylilies. It’s a parade of beauty.

Our NHADA Board meetings are almost always held in the Concord area since I am the only one over here in the western region. Once a year, I drag them to Acworth, with the promise of good food. So…they came in May, and I want to thank them for their pioneer spirit, and good will. We are constantly teased about Acworth’s hidden location, but we had a great time. (This really is the best restaurant in Acworth. It’s also athe only restaurant in Acworth.)

I wish you all a happy summer. And, don’t forget, come to NH for a visit. You may never want to leave.

Kathy Schoemer
Acworth, NH