JK Nevin Antiques

Liz McElroy of JK Nevin Antiques

I am thrilled to be participating in the NHADA Show. I have loved old things my entire adult life. My father, JK Nevin, instilled in me a passion for history and antiques. What inspires me the most is holding something that was held by someone from another time, and imagining their life, and how they used and enjoyed the pieces.

So, having been an enthusiastic collector and dealer, when I retired from academia, I had the opportunity to focus more on participating in shows, both locally and regionally. My husband David has been a huge support, and an indispensable help. We both have greatly enjoyed getting to know customers from across the country, and seeing our finds go into fine collections.

Over the years, I’ve delighted in furnishing many homes in Chester County, Pennsylvania, with period correct antiques, whether a 1950’s mid-century modern, or a 1750’s stone farmhouse. I’ve strived to get it right, even down to the gardens and the landscaping. My focus for JK Nevin Antiques is Americana, particularly folk art portraits, paint decoration, and garden antiques. I only buy and offer items that make me smile, things I would be thrilled to live with and look at every day.