New Exhibitor Biographies

Oliver Garland

Oliver Garland specializes in authentic antiques and curiosities from the 17th century through to the 19th century. His primary focus is paintings, sculpture, folk art and decorative smalls with both American and European origins. His goal is to source rare, and unusual objects to satisfy his collectors and customers lust for curiosity. 

Period to Mod / Brennan & Mouilleseaux Antiques & Design

Tim Brennan started in American antiques in 1978.  His keen, enduring interest in collecting and selling painted furniture and folk art was piqued shortly thereafter, and continues to this day.  Co-proprietors of Brennan & Mouilleseaux Antiques and Design, he and his partner David Mouilleseaux have been members of the trade since 1992. They describe their … Continue reading Period to Mod / Brennan & Mouilleseaux Antiques & Design