Baker & Co. Antiques

Tom Baker of Baker & Co.

Tom Baker has been a dealer (and collector) of fine early American country and folk art antiques for over 35 years. Tom has an uncanny eye for antiques, remembering the smallest of details and always seeking items that are colorful and folky. Anything in old paint, folk art or old textiles are Tom’s true love. You will see this passion reflected in the content of Baker & Co. Antiques.

Baker & Co. was started in Soquel, CA in 1997. Prior to that Tom was an antique dealer in the Boston, MA area. In 2015, Tom and his wife, Sheila, moved back to the east coast and now reside in the Albany NY area.

Tom has and still exhibits in many prestigious antique shops and at many top quality antique shows throughout New England, Pennsylvania, Mid Atlantic, Midwest, Pacific Northwest, and California. From 2000 to 2012, Tom promoted and managed the California Country Antique Shows in Los Altos, Hollywood and Costa Mesa, CA. In 2009, Tom and Sheila created Dig Antiques to help dealers and collectors be able to locate, buy, and sell fine Americana, country and folk art antiques online.

Today, besides doing select antiques shows, Tom exhibits at Antiques Market Place in Lake George, NY and at the Antique Center of Strabane in Canonsburg, PA. He also actively sells online at and