January 2009 News from NHADA

Due to the inspiration and organizational talents of Membership Chair, Peter Sawyer and Scott Bassett of Exeter, NHADA members were treated to an elegant evening at the newly expanded and refurbished Currier Museum in Manchester, NH, the site of the 2008 Annual Dinner Meeting on November 13. We enjoyed a unique atrium-like setting for cocktails, a brief meeting and a truly delicious buffet dinner. The gathered members were engaged in lively groups of eight, and after dinner and a beautiful dessert, we had the museum to ourselves and almost 2 hours to roam the halls amidst the collections. From the joys of European medieval works – a magnificent tapestry is the centerpiece of that gallery – to the current exhibit of Warhol’s work, the Currier is a shining gem. In between, one can get up close and personal with the various other examples of European and American art. Six generous dealer- members made the evening possible: Ann and Dennis Berard; Mark L. Brock; Joan Brownstein; Peter Sawyer and Scott Bassett; Cheryl and Paul Scott; and Margaret and Ed Weissman. Their generous underwriting gave us a great gift. Thank you. Now we have raised the standard and must start planning for next year. Any ideas, Peter?

Grapevine reports that the Pier show in mid-November was humming and I can vouch for the success of Trish McElroy’s first in her series of monthly shows “in the style of Sara French” at the Marriott Grappone Conference Center in Concord, NH. Easy to find, easy pack in and out for exhibitors, an earnest effort on Trish’s part to develop attendees, and a superb list of active exhibitors made for a very worthy show. Nan Gurley and Peter Mavris will be keeping the Portsmouth Shows lively thrrough the winter and into spring, and there are always discoveries there. So, NH is open all year and some of us are remaining bullish on the antiques market. For all those who don’t even want to open monthly brokerage account summaries, a treasured antique will please the soul,and give continuing joy.

Membership renewal letters are out and we beg you to get them back in a timely fashion. The sooner we have your information for the new website database and 2009 print directory, the more quickly we can get those things into production. The reason our directory is usually late coming out is because we try hard to accommodate the tardy respondents. Alsao, if you want to be on the menbership list for NHADA and Nan Gurley’s new Canterbury Show in September, go to our website (proudly unveiled in October), www.nhada.org, and print yourself a membership application, and then mail it off to Peter Sawyer. We warmly welcome new members to our growing, enthusiastic list.

To mark the new year of 2009, a little true story. Very good friends of ours here in Acworth lost their house to a massive fire in November. The devastating event took their precious 18th c cape, a beautiful attached barn, and most of the other outbuildings, and, of course, their precious belongings, assembled over 40 or so years. The small town of Acworth rallied. Many, many meals and hugs were given, and the healing began. Here’s the story as it concerns MAD readers. They had collected country antiques, through the years, always on a tight budget, but with deep love for the objects. I’ll just say that as word travelled in this little corner of NH, dealers came forward, and now word has travelled to NYC and Vermont, and our friends, who have rented a humble cottage until they can rebuild and return home, have an instant and comforting collection of antique furniture and small old objects to console them. My pride in my fellow dealers has never been deeper. We are a wondrous group. You know who you are out there. Thank you. You have given hope and joy to folks who’ll never forget you.

Wishing you quiet and safe winter days and nights in the solace of home, and much joy in our country’s most deeply moving inauguration.

Kathy Schoemer
Acworth, NH