NHADA News February 2018

Barb Johnson, of Pewter & Wood Antiques in Enfield, New Hampshire and Cave Creek, Arizona, sent me news of the 12th Alzheimer’s Silent Auction Benefit.  This year’s date is Saturday, March 17th.

The auction ends at 1:30 mountain time. This will be the last year for the Benefit. The goal is to raise $15,000 for Alzheimer’s Research. The auction items will be posted March 10th on Barb’s website: www.pewterandwoodantiques.com as well as instructions for bidding by phone or email. There is no live bidding. All bidding must be done by phone no later than 1:29 p.m. mountain time March 17th. Emailed bids must be received no later than March 16th (info@pewterandwoodantiques.com). All checks are to be payable to: Alzheimer’s Association DSW . Payment is due at end of auction and should be mailed to Pewter & Wood P.O. 4066 Cave Creek, AZ. Shipping can be arranged thru Pewter & Wood. There are no fees or taxes, just postage reimbursement to Pewter & Wood.

All auction items have been donated by customers, antique dealers around the country, Maine Antique Digest, and Pewter & Wood. They are still accepting antique donations until February 26th. All donations are tax deductible and Alzheimer’s Association will mail receipts to you directly.  Please join in finding a cure!!  Email or call Barb Johnson at 602-677-5686 with questions or for additional information.

Looking ahead to spring, the 2018 Enfield Spring Shaker Forum will take place the weekend of April 20 – 22.  Weekend highlights will include papers by Shaker scholars, an insider’s preservation walk-a-about, and meals and lodging in the Great Stone Dwelling.  For more information, please contact the Enfield Shaker Museum at 603-632-4346 or info@shakermuseum.org.

A reminder to all NHADA members, information in this column is posted on the NHADA website, as well as appearing in the Maine Antique Digest and the Newtown Bee.  Please consider sharing news of your business with the greater community of antiques enthusiasts!

Stay warm,

Liz Kingsley

North Road Antiques

Alexandria, New Hampshire