Testimonial: New Hampshire Antiques Dealers Show

by Kate Avery at Heir and Space

“Guys and Gals, I’m wicked excited. At the end of this week I get to go up to Manchester New Hampshire for my very Very VERY favorite antiques show of the year, the NHADA show.  Now I love a good antiques show of any kind . . . but none of them compare to the magic that is the New Hampshire Antiques Dealers Association annual show. Here’s a link with all the show information. Are you going? You should go. Don’t make me tell you twice.

“So why is this my favorite show? First, the stuff brought to this show by all the dealers is ah-mazing. It’s folk art oriented, and folk art is my favorite. There’s always loads of signs, painted furniture and objects, fascinating early decorative pieces, portraiture and landscapes, I mean, everything, everything anyone could want. Every year I come back with my inspiration battery fully charged. So many fresh and unique ideas, so many things to add to the WANT list, and usually I’ve snagged a few treasures for myself . . .”

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© Heir and Space. Used with permission. John Chaski NHADA.
“And here’s a picture of John Chaski’s booth. I’ve bought multiple things from John over the years. He’s got a great eye and always has objects at all levels of pricing. First, can we talk about that apple green painted blanket chest on the back wall?! And then above it, a pair of portraits by one of my very favorite folk artists, Micah Williams.” ©2015 Heir and Space. Used with permission.