Period to Mod / Brennan & Mouilleseaux Antiques & Design

Tim Brennan and David Mouilleseaux

Tim Brennan started in American antiques in 1978.  His keen, enduring interest in collecting and selling painted furniture and folk art was piqued shortly thereafter, and continues to this day.  Co-proprietors of Brennan & Mouilleseaux Antiques and Design, he and his partner David Mouilleseaux have been members of the trade since 1992.

They describe their focus as “almost pathologically eclectic.”  As restorers as well as collector-dealers, Tim and Dave stand by their guarantee of age, authenticity and condition, with “the dirty fingernails to prove it.”  They are well known in the trade for their imaginative and design-driven show booth displays. They live on a hill overlooking the Hudson River in Westchester County New York.