August 2013 News from NHADA

August is just about here, and to many, that means the New Hampshire Antiques Dealers Association (NHADA) show. Finishing touches are being applied by our devoted Board of Directors and various committee members, hoping to make this show even better than last year’s.

Although, we are sad to say farewell to our long-term exhibitors, especially our beloved Howard Oedel, who was with us for 55 years, we are happy to welcome new exhibitors to our roster. We invite you to come to see what our new exhibitors have to offer. We are sure you will be pleased.

We are sad to hear that longtime member Nancy Winston has closed her shop, Willow Hollow Antiques, on Route 4 in Northwood. After being in business for many years in New Hampshire, Nancy has moved to a retirement community. Nancy was known for her interesting collection of country smalls and Shaker items. Before the days of computers, she hand sketched items to appear in her catalogs of antique offerings, which were mailed throughout the United States.

Much attention seems to be devoted to the show. Granted, it does take up a lot of NHADA’s time, and it is the organizatio’s major moneymaker, enabling us to do other things. One item in particular that NHADA did was able to do this past year was to give a grant to the New Hampshire Historical Society. The grant helps fund various field trips to the society from various schools throughout the state. With budget cuts being what they are, a lot of schools had to cancel annual field trips to the society. NHADA voted to fund these trips this year, giving the students in the outlying areas of New Hampshire the chance to experience New Hampshire’s history. Who knows, by doing this, a future antiques dealer might just be in the making.

Best wishes to Frank Gaglio on celebrating Midweek’s 20th anniversary. I hope to see you in Manchester, and to all of you coming to New Hampshire for Antiques Week, don’t forget that in addition to all the shows, there are lots of other places to going antiquing. Grab a copy of the NHADA guide and go exploring the countryside. You never know what you might find.

Thomas M. Thompson
NHADA President