August 2011 News from NHADA

Electric is the word I would use to describe the air at the 54th New Hampshire Antiques Show on August 11th! Hundreds upon hundreds of die-hard collectors and dealers lined up, filling up the lobby and pouring into to street and down the side of the building. Multiple members of the press; local, trade papers, Associated Press, and WMUR-TV kept those shoppers busy with interviews and the general bewilderment of it all. Inside, my final walk-around found the dealers making the slightest of adjustments to their booths — with levels in hand — checking that everything was just right. The press came in for last minute photos before the beautifully displayed booths would be redistributed to the collectors waiting outside. At the 10:00 hour, it was just like Best Buy on Black Friday — with folks running to their favorite dealers. (This was replayed over on the local news — thank you Channel 9!).

By the end of the day, NHADA is happy to report that attendance was greater than last year (the state of the economy was worrisome), and that their were a lot of smiles on the dealers. Lots of red “sold” tags, and those once beautifully displayed booths were being re-supplied for the next days rush. And it was a rush, with again a greater gate than last year, as it was for the entire three-day show.

Special thanks to Michael, Paula and their crew for a job well done. And thanks to volunteers Susan and Matt at the NHADA Hospitality table, and Bob and Sarah for braving the line doing our survey cards, and others whom I might have missed with all the comings and goings!

Just like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the very next day, plans for the 2012 show are already in the works, as we turn 55. See you then.

Or, maybe I’ll see you before then — at the Canterbury Show, sponsored by The New Hampshire Antiques Dealers Association and managed by Nan Gurley. Nan always does a great job pulling this show together for us, and Canterbury Village in Canterbury, NH, is a perfect setting for an outdoor show. (Canterbury is about 20 minutes or so north of Concord, NH — for those who think it is near the Canadian Border!) With great stuff from NHADA dealers, and Mother Nature’s co–operation, a perfect day is in store.

The Board of Directors are beginning to pull plans together for the annual meeting (probably November). We are working on some ideas to enhance member benefits, but I will give details as soon as they are available.

Richard Bojko
Northwood, NH
President, NHADA